Still here, just been busy lately and, quite frankly, don’t have a whole lot to say or motivation to write.  Sobriety is still a struggle – I feel like I’m constantly turning my thoughts away from imaginary drinking situations.  I’ve never felt so conscious of how prevalent alcohol is, in media particularly.  I just scrolled through my feed reader and at least one in every 10 posts (from a variety of sites) had a reference to drinking, or a cocktail recipe.  I still find it a little bit triggering, but it’s impossible to avoid alcohol without hiding, and isn’t the whole point of this to crawl out from under a rock?

I’m off from work for the entire week without any plans, so I’m piling on the self-care in between a few adventures.  Hopefully uninhibited sleep will help with the lack of energy.  I’m looking forward to this general malaise lifting, hopefully soon.


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